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William Baker – WA Real Estate Investor

William Baker is a independent Real Estate Investor focused on buying houses in the Seattle and Olympia Area!  We are wanting to buy houses that are distressed, ugly, need repairs and houses that would make good homes for people with families.

We are a group of a few investors who buys houses In Seattle WA.  We help home owners find creative solutions to their problems.    Many people are facing divorce, are behind on taxes, moving to a different city, changing jobs, relocating and other reasons.    These are real problems that people are faced with every day.  We pride ourselves in helping people achieve their goals.

I am located in Olympia area I partner with Lacy Stanley Real Estate Broker.   You have to be careful when selling your house and make sure you get a fair offer.  Our team of partner investors are seasoned in the real estate industry and can help you make a decision and show you creative ways to solve your problems when it comes to selling your house fast for cash.

We are a local group of investors that seeks to purchase distressed homes in the In Seattle WA area as well as Olympia WA.   Mr. Baker partners with the best real estate professionals to ensure that our properties are made to look like brand new again after we purchase a home.

Our goals are simple, our program is simple, our terms are simple, and our overall process is very simple and easy.  We will take out all of the hassles that come with selling a house and handle everything for you!

Rest assured knowing that you are dealing an Investor who understand that things happen and we can help you find creative solutions and resources to help you with your problems and solve your needs to sell your house and take care of your personal issues.  We save butts daily!  Call us today and let us make you a fair cash offer on your home!   Facing foreclosure? William can help!

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